Travel to Alaska to See Real Beauty

Cruise Ship Near Glacier in Alaska

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Guest post by Jesse Cadena at XL Travel Blog.

One of the main reasons for travel is to view the world from different perspectives. If you want to see famous mountains, unique animals, breathtaking landscapes, and fish in open waters for enormous halibut and salmon, traveling to Alaska could be the one event that makes all of these wishes come true.

Once you are in Alaska you can arrive at your chosen destinations by charter bus, RV, boat, train, or even bi-plane. If you choose to travel by bus, you can leave the driving to a knowledgeable tour guide and sit back and relax as you pass by beautiful lakes, towering peaks, and indigenous animals. Your tour guide will point out interesting sights along the way and give you a bit of history as you go. Many of these guided tours ride up the “Top of the world” highway that connects to Canada. Locomotive travel is the only way to see certain scenic spots in Alaska; the train tracks run along routes that are not accessible to cars. One train company has glass-domed windows that allow for a 180 degree view of the amazing scenery. Traveling by train is a fun way to reach the Denali National Park; there you will find great fishing, hiking trails, and inspiring landscapes.

Traveling to Alaska by boat can be an awe-inspiring experience. You can take a cruise from a port city to Alaskan destinations or charter boats to site see while there. Ferries and water taxis are a popular choice. If you choose to travel by ferry, your automobile or bike can travel with you. Cabins are available to allow you to rest when necessary, but sleeping bags are also acceptable for sleeping on the deck or in the lounges.

Moose Munch

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To arrive in the more remote areas of Alaska, plane travel may be your only option. “Bush planes” reach the distant towns and regions with ease. Popular day-trips can be arranged to get a real view of Alaskan life. Helicopter tours make landing on top of glaciers possible, and other activities include dog sled training, hiking, and fishing.

There is no shortage on options when traveling to Alaska. Come up to see the beauty this wonderland has to offer.

Jesse Cadena is a 26-year old travel blogger and vacation guru based in Northern California. She enjoys trying new restaurants in new places and is constantly searching for new adventures. Jesse has always dreamt of traveling the world and she is slowly working her way up to it! She loves giving travel advice and meeting new friends around the world. Check out her blog for the best travel tips and follow her on Twitter.

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      Thanks Carmen – yes Jesse did a great job on the article. I would love to take the train, having that much time to visit Alaska would be wonderful. It is very beautiful! My husband and I flew into Anchorage and drove around on our first visit, so I think our next visit needs to be on a cruise.


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