Top 5 Relaxing Activities In Sydney

Guest post by Oscar Waterworth.

Sydney is a great city, no question about it. It is a cultural and architectural center, full of interesting and original places to visit. This is a city where you can have fun at any time of day and night and you will never get bored, it will take a lifetime to try out everything Sydney has to offer nowadays, not to mention future construction plans and amenities. On the other hand, Sydney is also a great place if you are trying less dynamic fun, that is if your only goal is to relax and make your day last as long as possible. If this is your choice, we prepared top five relaxing activities you could try in Sydney.

Royal Botanic GardensRoyal Botanic Gardens by Matt Chan via Flickr

This is a great place to put your mind at rest. It covers an area of more than 30 hectares in the very heart of the city and the content and the atmosphere will surely leave a lasting impression on any first timer or returning visitor. You can stroll on your own or enjoy a free guided walk on daily basis and see its rich content, from some of the rarest and most threatened plants on Earth to romantic rose garden.

Hyde Park Barrack MuseumHyde Park Barracks Museum by Bryn Pinzgauer via Flickr

As you probably know, Sydney was built on convict’s labor. This unusual museum is one of the 11 Australian Convict Sites that are a part of UNESCO World Heritage list. If you like traveling back in time, you could witness first hand what convict’s life looked like between 1819 and 1848 and even lie down in a convict hammock. It will certainly put you in a different mood.

Carter Creek Picnic AreaCarter Creek Picnic Area by Kim MyoungSung via Flickr

There is nothing more relaxing than a day out with your family and friends. Carter Creek is the perfect spot for that, it has a barbecue area, kids playing area and a riverside area to walk the calories after lunch. Or, simply lie down on the grass and relax, enjoying the shades and birds singing. However, make sure you reserve a place since it can accommodate up to a 100 people.

Miniature GolfGolf by Scott Akerman via Flickr

If you are into a more dynamic but still relaxing activity, golf is something you should try in Sydney. You can enjoy a round of golf in one of the many Sydney based golf clubs. Those situated in the Northern Beaches offer wonderful terrains and surroundings, make sure you do not miss them and be prepared to spend an entire day since the view is spectacular and the restaurants are irresistible.

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Center

If you like arts and feel enriched and relaxed after creating or enjoying it, this is a place to visit. Not only will you be able to enjoy 15 national and international exhibitions, you will have the opportunity to participate in art courses and workshops and talk to the artists themselves.   Obviously, relaxing in Sydney is as easy as being busy. We are certain that you will enjoy yourselves and recharge your batteries regardless which of our five suggestions you choose to take.

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