Top 5 Cities To Visit In Eastern Europe

Guest Post by Peter Smith.

There’s a lot more to Eastern Europe than meets the eye. Crammed with an exceptional history and lots of puzzling cities, traveling to this corner of the continent is like a dream come true. The sights are unbelievable, not to mention that the customs & traditions you’ll stumble upon will exceed all your expectations. Eastern Europe is unique, puzzling and mystifying. International travelers will taste unbelievable foods and they’ll gaze at sceneries they’ve never before. Here are five amazing cities you can’t miss out if you’re exploring Eastern Europe.

Stavropoleod Monastery, Bucharest via Flickr by fusion-of-horizons

Stavropoleod Monastery, Bucharest via Flickr by fusion-of-horizons

1. Bucharest: Romania’s main capital and largest city, Bucharest is such a mesmerizing place to see, explore and admire. With a staggering population of 2.3 million inhabitants, Bucharest prides itself with numerous parks, lakes and green areas. Cismigiu Garden, Herastrau Park, and Carol Park are just 3 of the main reserves you cannot miss out if you ever happen to in Bucharest. Cut in half by Dambovita River, Bucharest is also Romania’s most prosperous city, as well as main financial and economic hub. In terms of places of interest, check out the Old Center where you’ll come across tens of pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues.

2. Budapest: Budapest is the city capital of Hungary, and it was recently ranked Europe’s 7th most blissful metropolises to reside and start a family. Featuring the most idyllic sights and finest cultural attractions, Budapest will amaze you with its authentic allure. It has lots of World Heritage Sites, as well as a wealth of puzzling museums and recreational nature reserves. Some people call it the “Pearl of Danube” because it’s a divine city. Some of Budapest’s coolest places of interest are the Millennium Underground Railway, the Buda Castle Quarter, Heroes’ Square, and ultimately, the geothermal springs (the largest worldwide).

First Light on the Kraków Main Square | Poland

First Light on the Kraków Main Square, Poland via Flickr by Niko Trinkhaus

3. Krakow: Krakow is one of Poland most important cities, and also one the oldest. Some say it dates back to 20,000 BC. In terms of appearance, we must admit that Krakow has the most charming old town. Stare Miasto is the historical center, where travelers can wander around, admire the superb architecture or just relish its general beauty. Filled with great entertainment and surreal attractions, the Old Town is an amalgam of baroque, gothic and renaissance buildings. The theatres, churches and mansions display a wide variety of color; as for must-see attractions in Krakow, tourists cannot miss out the Polish Aviation Museum, the Historic Center, Wawel Church and Church of the Virgin Mary.

4. Tallinn: Opened to the Gulf of Finland and included in the world’s top 10 digital cities, Tallinn is the main capital city of Estonia. In 2011, it was Europe’s Capital of Culture and it is known as a superb metropolis with lots of interesting attractions and places to see. Well-known for attracting 1.5 million travelers per year, Tallinn’s Old Town is a must-see. While here, make sure to stop by the Tallinn Zoo, the Open Air Museum, and Seaplane Harbor. Certain parts of the capital have maintained their medieval influences and old-fashioned allure, so if you’re looking for an architectural travel spot to admire in Eastern Europe, Tallinn is exactly what you need.

Rooftops of Prague

Rooftops of Prague via Flickr by Nitin Vyas

5. Prague: In terms of general beauty, Prague is the Paris of Eastern Europe. The city is Czech Republic’s capital and it boasts with museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres and all sorts of historical venues. Main attractions include the Old Town Square, Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge, and the Lennon Wall. The capital’s old centre was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. With 4.4 million visitors per year, Prague is classified as one of Europe’s most visited capitals. Some other places of interest you should want to include on your travel itinerary are: St. Vitus Cathedral, Wenceslas Square, the National Theatre and the Zoo.

Eastern Europe is vast, architectural and bewildering in so many different ways. Although it’s not as famous and as renowned as the west side of the continent, it certainly has amazing cities worth exploring. Whether you’re wandering through Tallinn’s Old Town to admire the unreal architecture, or you’re having the best time in one of Bucharest’s pubs, there’s no doubt that Eastern Europe is booming with extravagance, great history, and spectacular places of interest.

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