Three Unique Dining Concepts in Las Vegas

Las Vegas continues to wow us with its luxurious casino hotels and dedication to entertainment. Even the restaurants never cease to amaze as each offer one-of-a-kind dining concepts, and below we’ve rounded up some of the most extraordinary establishments.

An Adrenaline Pumping Experience at Dinner in the Sky
No restaurant can claim a view of the Las Vegas skyline like Sky can. Dinner in the Sky suspend diners 180 feet up in the air where they can enjoy gourmet dishes and tasty beverages while basking in the unparalleled views of the Strip.

A Naked Take on Sushi at Geisha House
Geisha House Steak & Sushi was the first Japanese hibachi restaurant to open in Las Vegas in 1971, known for their innovations in hibachi and naked sushi. Also known as “body sushi,” chefs serve their VIP guests with an assortment of fresh Japanese delicacies artistically laid on a naked woman lying in the middle of the table.

A Glimpse of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Era at Roxy’s Diner
Prepare to be serenaded as you enter the 1950s-style diner located in The Stratosphere Hotel. At Roxy’s Diner, the singing waiting staff never break away from character, taking you back to a simpler time. Watch them sing, dance, and even participate in their act.

Although most people visit Las Vegas to visit the casinos, over the years Sin City has become somewhat of a food destination, as celebrity chefs and budding restaurateurs invade the entertainment complexes to feed the hungry casino goers. Capitalizing on non-gaming revenue such as restaurants was a strategy that casino providers began implementing when online portals started offering many of the same cash prizes and great bonuses at the brick-and-mortar facilities. Less people may be appearing filtering on to the gaming floor, but the amazing selection of eateries has helped sustain the city’s reputation as everyone’s favorite entertainment capital

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