Three Reasons You Should Go To Tadoba National Park

Guest post by Jenny Richards.

Are you planning to go to India on a vacation? Is the Tadoba National Park among your target destinations? In that case you have to find the most appropriate accommodation. You have to search for a suitable, safe and affordable place to put up at.

Several resorts and hotels have been set up in the area around the national park. It is thus, important that you reserve rooms at one of the affordable as well as plush resorts of the area. Tadoba is located in Maharashtra and is among the biggest National Parks in the state. It is situated in the district of Chandrapur.

Spending time in and around the Forest

A range of amenities welcome the tourists when they enter the resorts. A host of fun filled activities at the resort premises creates a wonderful atmosphere at the resort. These cheap resorts at Tadoba National Park have come up, so that tourists do not have to travel all the way to the park gates and spend time in the endeavor. Tourists can also stay in the safety of the resorts and enjoy a sight of the animals roaming in the forest.

Facilities at the resorts

Facilities at the resortMost of the Tadoba resorts provide a cozy atmosphere. The resorts are situated at close proximity to the forest and the rooms are comfortable. The staffs at the resorts are friendly and efficient. Tourists receive excellent service at the hands of the resort employees. Even the food served at the resorts is delectable.

Animal life

Animal lifeSince, the resorts are very close to the forest, tourists can see a wide variety of animals as soon as they leave the campus of the resort. In fact, some resorts also provide safari to the park. Tourists can feast their eyes on a range of animals, such as bison, wolf, fox, hyena, wild dogs, jackal, sambar, deer, barking deer, nilgai, chinkara, four-horned deer, wild boar, langur, leopard, jungle cat, rusty spotted cat, sloth bear, rhesus macaque and peacock. Poisonous snakes like, Russell’s viper, krait and cobra find home in the forest. Non – venomous snakes include bronze tree snake, rat snake, leaf nosed snake, Indian python, and many more are seen here. Fresh water crocodiles and monitor lizards are common sights.Moths, dragon flies and more than seventy species of beautiful butterflies are found in the area. Various species of spiders are also noticed here.

Dream destination for bird watchers

Bird watchingA magical topography and varied wildlife attracts tourists from all over the world. Tadoba’s geographical features are embedded with rugged cliffs, lakes and marshes. If a tourist expresses her fondness for watching birds, the butler can help her with her quest to watch diverse species of birds. In fact, tourists can also go on a bird watching trip. Some interesting categories are Indian scimitar babbler, Malabar pied hornbill, blue flycatcher, Indian PITTA, painted francolin, golden oriole, shama, black naped, plum headed parakeet, gray jungle fowl, red spur fowl, honey buzzard, painted spur fowl, crest serpent eagle, Asian paradise flycatcher, peacock, Bonelli’seagle, changeable hawk eagle, brown fish owl, shikra, collard scops owl, white eyed buzzard, pipits, larks, cuckoos, munia’s, drongos, mottled wood owl munias and warblers.
Tourists must make it a point to visit one of the resorts in the vicinity to experience a rejuvenating vacation. Both birders and wild life enthusiasts are attracted to the forest. It is a lovely place to visit and enjoy. Traveling to Tadoba National Park is not difficult once you reach Maharashtra. It is accessible to most means of conveyance. Most tourists reach the park from Nagpur, which is the closest city.

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Jenny Richards is a traveler who has been to cheap resorts at Tadoba National Park. She has written several articles on this topic and is an expert on tourism.

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