Three Days in Amsterdam

Houses on the canal

Three days in Amsterdam gave me a glimpse of the city, but made me want to stay longer. A few people we met came here for vacation and never left, I can see why. The city is very laid back, the architecture is beautiful and it is so easy to get around. The I amsterdam City Card has great discounts and free passes, including the Van Gough Museum and a canal boat ride. Near the Van Gough Museum was the Rijksmuseum which had a huge variety of artists, definitely worth a visit, then we posed for some pictures nearby at the I amsterdam sign.

The Anne Frank Museum was not included on the I amsterdam City Card, but it didn’t matter, we had to go. It was interesting to get a feel for what I imagined while reading her diary, some of the clippings she put on the wall were still there. Next to the house is the museum, cafe and gift shop.

Me on a canal boat ride

A canal ride is a good way to get a different view of the city and enjoy the sites. For this relaxing part of the day, we bought some wine for the ride. That way we could drink, take pictures of the city and not worry about accidentally stepping into the bike path. Bikes are the main mode of transportation here and they were everywhere and they will run you over! 🙂 Sort of kidding here, they aren’t ruthless just don’t get in their way, we saw a couple of crash meetings between some bicyclists. There is a subtle change between the sidewalk and the bike path, and if you’re klutzy like me, watch out for them. I tripped on one in Munich and my camera went flying. After finding out I was OK, and my camera was sort of OK, my friend joked that I threw my camera at her. It was funny looking back on it, the camera was flying at her.

Red Light District

Near the Red Light District is the Sex Museum which has plenty of displays and shows you about the history of sex, it’s interesting and a fun place to visit just for the displays, one was even taller than me. The Red Light District was a very active tourist destination to say the least. Women in the windows were displaying what they had to offer and when customers came to the window, the drapes would be pulled. Photographing the women in the windows is strictly prohibited.

Wandering around the flower market or Bloemenmarkt, shopping for cheese, tulip bulbs and whatever else we wanted to take home was a relaxing morning. The flower market is set up along the Singel canal between the Koningsplein and the Muntplein. There are many different varieties of flowers to choose from and they have bulbs packaged that can be taken back to the US.

I could go back to Amsterdam anytime. There are many more places I want to see, but next time I will spend more than three days there.

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