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Snapshot Saturday 2013 #7 – Jamaica

RIU in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

RIU in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

This is the view from the hallway at the RIU in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The RIU is a fabulous all inclusive resort with a great staff that provided very good service. They had many different restaurants, a sports bar, swim up bar in the pool, and a soft sandy beach. One of the funnest parts of this resort was the liquor stocked in the room! We made a few drinks from that, but not as many as we should have!

Driving In Ireland – Not For The Faint Of Heart

Country road in Ireland

Country road

I love having the freedom of a vehicle when I travel. I had researched traveling by train in Ireland and wasn’t happy with what I was finding. I didn’t have a lot of time to go from east to west and there were places spotted throughout the country that I wanted to see. So I reserved a car before my friend and I arrived in Ireland. Continue reading

The Emerald Isle

Lismore Castle

Lismore Castle

There is never enough time to see everything I want on a trip and in Ireland, six months still probably wouldn’t be enough. I loved Ireland, it’s beauty, it’s castle and it’s friendly people. My friend and I flew into Dublin and I had the trip planned out with great detail, even down to some budget conscious hostels and hotels picked out for each city we would be at in the evenings. Continue reading

Snapshot Saturday 2013 #3 – Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats at Glacier National Park

Mountain Goats at Glacier National Park

I took this picture towards the end of my visit at Glacier National Park in Montana and I was running out of room on my flash card. A few pictures after this one and I was out. The mountain goat decided to walk towards me, then he walked right passed me and I actually touched him he was so close! I tried taking some pictures with my phone, but they weren’t quite the same and it happened so fast. I just enjoyed being so close to them and watched him eat a little bit longer.

Dolphin Dive

Dolphin Dive

Dolphin Dive

During my stay at Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) I went on their dolphin dive. The dive master took two of the male dolphins from AKR out into the open ocean. Our boat of divers and the dive master went down onto the sandy bottom for a chance to interact with the dolphins in their own environment. Continue reading

Snapshot Saturday 2013 #1 – Fussen, Germany

Cow with Neuschwanstein Castle

Cow with Neuschwanstein Castle

Welcome to my first Snapshot Saturday! I’m going to post random photos from my travels every Saturday. Some will be from previous posts and some will give you an idea of posts coming soon.

This photo was taken near Füssen Germany across the road from a gas station that we stopped at on the way to Neuschwanstein Castle. I like this photo because even though the castle is massive, it appears to be dwarfed when photographed with the mountains as the background. Plus I love the color of the cows in this area and most of them were wearing bells.

Anthony’s Key Resort in Roatan, Honduras

Anthony's Key Resort, Roatan, Honduras

Anthony’s Key Resort

I had drooled over their ads in my travel magazines for years, and I was finally going to Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR). The pictures of the resort looked amazing and I was going to have the opportunity to interact with dolphins. I went on this trip with my sister and her husband Continue reading

Cara a Cara – Honduras Shark Dive

Shark Dive, Caribbean Reef Shark, Anthony's Key Resort

Caribbean Reef Shark

Cara a Cara, or face to face, is the name of the dive site where we encountered the Caribbean Reef Sharks. The shark dive is one of the extra dives we added to our adventure at Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) in Roatan, and well worth it. The site is located around the other side of the island from AKR, so it was a short boat ride to get there. Continue reading

“This is all Blarney”

Me at Blarney Castle

Me at Blarney Castle

This is the start of a quote from Queen Elizabeth I venting her frustration in dealing with Cormac MacCarthy, King of Munster. The Queen decreed that properties should be occupied under title to her. Cormac MacCarthy responded to each of her letters promising his loyalty to her, but not his land. She finally lost her composure saying “This is all Blarney, he never means what he says, he never does what he promises”*. Continue reading

Alaskan Adventures

Talkeetna River

I waited too long to visit the 49th state and it was as beautiful as I had imagined, it was also the 50th state I have been to! My husband and I flew into Anchorage and arrived in the middle of the night, even though it looked like the sun had just set, the sky was still glowing. We took a cat nap in the car and then drove around to explore the city and had breakfast downtown. Continue reading

The Majestic Niagara Falls

At the top of Horseshoe Falls

Magnificent, powerful, beautiful, awesome, stunning, surreal, and hypnotic. Any of these adjectives could describe Niagara Falls. The amount of water that passes over the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls is  incomprehensible, 6 million cubic feet of water every minute goes over the crestline and with the three waterfalls combined, it has the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world. The water level at the crestline is two feet high. Horseshoe Falls is on the Canadian side and by far the most impressive of the three waterfalls. Continue reading

Three Days in Amsterdam

Houses on the canal

Three days in Amsterdam gave me a glimpse of the city, but made me want to stay longer. A few people we met came here for vacation and never left, I can see why. The city is very laid back, the architecture is beautiful and it is so easy to get around. The I amsterdam City Card has great discounts and free passes, including the Van Gough Museum and a canal boat ride. Near the Van Gough Museum was the Rijksmuseum which had a huge variety of artists, definitely worth a visit, then we posed for some pictures nearby at the I amsterdam sign. Continue reading

Heaven on Earth ~ AKA Mount Rainier

Mt. Rainier and Edith Creek

Mt. Rainier and Edith Creek

If money grew on a tree in my backyard, I’d dig up that tree and take it with me to Mount Rainier and pay for a room at Paradise Inn during every summer season! I want my ashes scattered here, and what I should be doing is absorbing as much of this mountain as possible; I should be a park ranger, or work in the gift shop. Anything to get me here more than I see it now, which is NOT enough. I used to live in Portland, so I could see it  more often than I do now, but I think living at the lodge would work for me. Continue reading