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The Freedom Of Solo Travel

What do you think of when you hear “solo travel?” A few years ago, my answer may have been fear, but today, it is freedom! When I tell someone my plans to go to Destination XYZ by myself, they first ask who I am going with and then this follows: “You’re going ALONE?” Like that’s a shocking or horrible thing. Then they think they can do me a favor by pairing me up with someone. Why would I want to travel with someone I don’t know? What if I don’t get along with this person and I’m locked into a week long trip? I don’t think so. Thankfully, with only three solo trips behind me, the pair up conversations are done. Yes, I’m going alone. I want to keep it that way, besides, with how slow I walk, no one would want me slowing them down. Less than a decade ago in 2009, I was traveling to Amsterdam with two other friends. On our same flight was a flight attendant co-worker who decided to take advantage of her flight benefits and head overseas. I was amazed that she was traveling alone. Yes, I knew people did it, but I didn’t think I could be one of them. That was 2009, and my first international solo trip was in 2015 to Paris. Last year I went to Germany, Prague, Vienna and Budapest, and this year, I went to Australia. Loving it!!! Below is a picture of me with my pre-departure champagne on my recent flight home from Sydney, in United’s new Polaris Business Class. That was a nice treat, I ate, drank, napped, watched movies, napped again, you get the idea. Much better than coach and made the long flight so much better!


Enjoying my champagne on my flight home from Sydney!

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Nomadic Matt’s 12 Day European Giveaway Entry

Wow, Nomadic Matt is giving away a 12 day trip to Europe along with Hostelworld and Vayama! What an incredible prize that anyone would be very lucky to win, which of course, I hope to be me! This 12 Day European Giveaway would become my “Castles, Cemeteries and Cuisine Tour!”

I love castles and seriously can’t get enough of them. Visiting a place that takes me back in time to when things were so different and to see how people lived is surreal. Cemeteries aren’t top on most people’s sightseeing list, but they are on mine. I love looking at and photographing old headstones, plus I like knowing that I was so close to someone who was such an important part of history or culture. Continue reading