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Top Budget Travel Destinations in 2015

Guest Post by Chetan Jadhav.

The New Year has begun and the hustle-bustle of your daily life has taken over, leading to monotony! It’s time to work on your resolution to explore some novel & interesting places this year. Worried about the big hole it will create in your savings? No worries, we have crafted here a list of top 12 budget travel destinations to visit in 2015. Here’s to a long and a happy holiday without glancing at your credit limit again and again!

  1. South Africa: The recent currency fluctuations & Ebola scare, despite of the proximity of affected areas being more with Europe and Brazil than Africa have ensured that this incredible country with its diverse landscapes is now in your budget. From its fantastically rich wildlife to the wide variety of options for adventure sports and some of the most surreal museums ever, South Africa promises a holiday of a lifetime. Add to it, the extremely cheap and tourist friendly public transport and reasonable cafes for repast, and this place becomes one of the most value adding travel destinations of all times.
  1. Hungary: Arguably the most affordable destination in Europe, because of its own currency other than euro, this tiny country has a lot to offer for an avid traveler. Its rich culture, scenic natural beauty, healing waters and yummy food ensure that this will be one vacation worth remembering. Budapest, the capital is a diverse location offering numerous experiences like a cruise along the blue waters of Danube to historical museums, galleries, magnificent castles. Outside summer, the hotel savings are also substantial, making this place top budget destination of Europe.


  1. Bali: Bali has always stayed the backpacker’s value beach paradise with its reasonable beach side bungalows, food & transport at throw away prices. The famed beautiful beaches, spa treatments and the intriguing Balinese culture make sure it is irresistible go to destination this year.

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Dubai: Stay With Pride and Luxury

Guest post by Shezaa Nehal.

Cruising Activities
Image Source: Shezaa Nehal

A bundle of joys and happiness are quite sure things that Dubai has for you. One can get an excellent living as well as a trip in the city. A unique combination of the historical and the modern, the traditional history and the new-age, Dubai is one of the most stimulating locations for both enjoyment and business, offering the visitors a variety of world-class options for housing, enjoyment, cuisine, and purchasing. Metal and rock, sun and fine sand, Dubai is a unique city and an excellent location for vacations. It has something for everyone, and provides a several trip encounters. One can choose from many types of packages available to Dubai trips, from all out purchasing to a magnificent honeymoon vacation encounter. Tour or vacations in Dubai are priced in a wonderful manner and easily obtainable. Continue reading