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5 Must-Visit Wine Destinations In India

Guest Post By Rohit Agarwal.

Wine culture or Viticulture in India dates back to the 4th millennium BC where the Persian traders introduced the grape wine to the region. The various religious texts also mention a type of rice wine known as Sura which was fermented with honey. The political Advisor of the Maurya Empire in India, Chanakya also mentions grape wine in his writings dating back to the 4th century BC. Wine was a privileged drink only the nobility could afford and the lower classes drank alcoholic beverages derived from wheat, maize and barley. The Portuguese colonization of Goa in India saw the introduction of Port-Style wine and the production soon spread to the other areas. The British rule further strengthened the wine culture and encouraged the cultivation of vineyards. The 1980’s saw the introduction of French Style wine. Today India is a home to many of the premium wine destinations and estate vineyards. Let’s discuss in brief about the top 5 wine destinations that you must visit in India. Wine Destination Image Credits @ Darius
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