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Top 5 Cities To Visit In Eastern Europe

Guest Post by Peter Smith.

There’s a lot more to Eastern Europe than meets the eye. Crammed with an exceptional history and lots of puzzling cities, traveling to this corner of the continent is like a dream come true. The sights are unbelievable, not to mention that the customs & traditions you’ll stumble upon will exceed all your expectations. Eastern Europe is unique, puzzling and mystifying. International travelers will taste unbelievable foods and they’ll gaze at sceneries they’ve never before. Here are five amazing cities you can’t miss out if you’re exploring Eastern Europe.

Stavropoleod Monastery, Bucharest via Flickr by fusion-of-horizons

Stavropoleod Monastery, Bucharest via Flickr by fusion-of-horizons

1. Bucharest: Romania’s main capital and largest city, Bucharest is such a mesmerizing place to see, explore and admire. With a staggering population of 2.3 million inhabitants, Bucharest prides itself with numerous parks, lakes and green areas. Cismigiu Garden, Herastrau Park, and Carol Park are just 3 of the main reserves you cannot miss out if you ever happen to in Bucharest. Cut in half by Dambovita River, Bucharest is also Romania’s most prosperous city, as well as main financial and economic hub. In terms of places of interest, check out the Old Center where you’ll come across tens of pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues.

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Nomadic Matt’s 12 Day European Giveaway Entry

Wow, Nomadic Matt is giving away a 12 day trip to Europe along with Hostelworld and Vayama! What an incredible prize that anyone would be very lucky to win, which of course, I hope to be me! This 12 Day European Giveaway would become my “Castles, Cemeteries and Cuisine Tour!”

I love castles and seriously can’t get enough of them. Visiting a place that takes me back in time to when things were so different and to see how people lived is surreal. Cemeteries aren’t top on most people’s sightseeing list, but they are on mine. I love looking at and photographing old headstones, plus I like knowing that I was so close to someone who was such an important part of history or culture. Continue reading