Suffering From Post Travel Blues

I’m home from my latest trip to Australia, and the post travel blues have set in. I had a fantastic time during my first visit, yet a week after being home, I was so down because I knew it will be another year before I could make it back. I love my family, home and I have an enjoyable full time job that allows me the time and money to do wander the globe. Why so selfish? I just went to Australia! Because I have a wanderlust that I can’t control.

Enjoying champagne on my flight home

Snap out of it!

So I have the best of both worlds, the ability to travel and a great place to come back to after my vacation is over. Why should I possibly be down? Well, it didn’t last long and after a few days, I get out of my funk and on with my regular routine at home. I’ve tried cooking some new recipes, and I’ve gone out with friends and now, I will start planning my next trip. It’s almost just as fun planning as it is being at a destination. With planning, I am in the comfort of my own home and regular schedule, favorite adult beverage nearby, and no jet lag! The flight to Sydney was the longest I have been on so far. I should’ve taken a picture of me during my flight, I looked like the walking dead, it would’ve gotten gasps for sure. I think I watched four or five movies each way, ate and drank well, napped and I was still in the air. I am not sure how people manage that flight on a regular basis. By the time next year rolls around, I will be ready to tackle it again.

Saying Goodbye

On my last morning in Darwin, I wandered around Mindil Beach and picked up some seashells. My hotel as within walking distance, even for me, so it was a leisurely way to say goodbye to a great city. I had gone to the Mindil Beach Sunset Market the night before, but didn’t end up walking on the beach. This was the end of my trip, then I would fly to Sydney, spend the night and fly home the next day. So the vacation was coming to an end and I would be able to go home, see my husband, snuggle with my pets and get back to my routine. That’s a very big positive, but the negative is, my vacation was coming to an end. I really cannot explain the strong wanderlust that I have. I can’t help myself, or contain the desire to start planning my next trip as soon as I get home from one. My mom didn’t like to travel, except for smaller road trips. I really couldn’t understand it and never forced her to explain, she didn’t enjoy it and that worked just fine for her. Since I didn’t get the wanderlust from her, it must’ve been my dad. Yep. He did enjoy traveling and had probably been to more destinations than I have so far. They have both passed away, so sadly, I won’t be able to travel with either of them, but I take them with me in my heart and think of them every day.

Mindil Beach

One of the highlights of my visit was getting close to koala bears and kangaroos at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Below is a selfie I was struggling with, then an employee walked by and offered to take a few pictures of me. You can feed kangaroos and unlike a regular zoo, you are right in the enclosure with them! Amazing place that I will definitely go back to.

Petting a koala at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

On my next visit to Australia, I will head south to Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmania. There is so much to see, but I know it won’t disappoint. Do you ever have a bit of depression after your vacation comes to an end? If so, how do you work past it?

2 thoughts on “Suffering From Post Travel Blues

  1. Kathi

    I’m always happy to be home after a trip. I seem to enjoy my travels more after the fact than the actual trip.. Yet I always want to go traveling again, knowing the memories seem to be more important than the actual trip!

    1. The Travel Wench Post author

      It is great to be home and I think we feel that way because there is alway so much walking and different modes of transportation that are just exhausting! Lines, pushy people, not so friendly staff and how about delays? I was stuck at the gate in a plane waiting for an hour for weather to clear at the destination of London. I was seated next to a guy with the worst breath imaginable, so I got it full force when he was talking to the flight attendant. Too bad he wasn’t in the isle seat!


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