Snapshot Saturday 2013 #23 – Cruise Dinner Buffet

Carnival Cruise buffet

Carnival Cruise buffet

One of the funnest parts of cruising is all of the fantastic food. The elaborate buffet is quite a site. Every food is cut to a certain design, flower or put together to make a beautiful display. Then it is topped off with an ice sculpture or two, or three! We were able to get a kitchen tour where we watched as someone was carving an ice sculpture, which is a real talent. The buffet line moved slowly as most of us were taking pictures along the way.

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    1. The Travel Wench Post author

      Thanks for visiting Susan! Yes, everything they do is a work of art. Everyone is patient in the buffet line because even if people weren’t taking pictures, they are taking a lot of time to look around at all of the masterpieces!


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