Snapshot Saturday 2013 #21 – Fall Colors

Fall colors in Minnesota

Fall colors in Minnesota

Fall in Minnesota is a beautiful time of year and October is my favorite month for a few reasons. First, I love all of the colors, when they are on the trees and when they blanket the ground. The temperature is usually perfect, I like the 50-60 degree range. Some years we can get snow in October, but it’s not typical. Halloween is another fun part of the month, I enjoy going to haunted houses, corn mazes, etc. Fall is also the best time for decorations, hay bails, corn husks, pumpkins, mums and then of course, the Halloween decorations.

My Snapshot Saturdays haven’t been the most consistent, neither has my blogging, but that will be changing! I have combined the images on this post and I was wondering what your thoughts are. Do you prefer just one photo and some information about where it was taken, or do you like the combination?

2 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday 2013 #21 – Fall Colors

  1. Kathi

    I SO miss fall. Wish I were there. Combining is fine when they are all from one area and one theme. Otherwise I prefer them single and labeled. Thanks!

    1. The Travel Wench

      Thanks for the input Kathi! I like them grouped up too. I also like the labels too, especially if I love the photograph and want to know where it was taken so I can add it to my list! 🙂 Maybe next post I will put a couple of them in with the regular photos.


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