Why You Shouldn’t Travel To India Without Travel Insurance.

Guest Post by Rohit Agarwal.

‘Insurance’ the word means Promise of reimbursement in case of loss. So when we have the risk management tool available for us; before and during our travel, why should one risk one’s life? While at home and within our own habitat, we secure our domestic stay with medical insurances, life insurances, property insurances and what not? Then how can we take a chance when we are out of our native surroundings, in foreign places, amongst the unknowns? Life is unpredictable and so is travel. There are many justifications for travelling with an insurance, but there is only one excuse for not availing it: ‘I love to put my loved ones and self at risk’. For every sound individual, risking life would be folly and so the following justifications give you substantial grounds for travelling to India with a valid Travel Insurance:

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1. Unforeseen Medical Emergencies
As per the official reports, the occurrences of traffic hits in India is greater than any other countries of the World. Moreover accidents are never called for, they are a chance event and can risk your being. Moreover, while travelling to India, you could be tempted to swoop upon street food, which promises to pull your attention during your advancement along the Indian streets. This food may or may not prove to be a wise option for your health and fitness. Any of the above cases, might lead to a medical emergency which may call in for huge medical expenses. Hence a travel insurance handy would allow you to enjoy your travel with a free mind.

2. Travel Inconvenience
In case of pre booked flight cancellations, all your reservations and hotel bookings go for a toss. Who would take the responsibility for the financial loses that you incur due to such conditions and moreover who would take the ownership of these conditions? Your travel insurance would! Not only in case of flight cancellations, but also the loss of your checked baggage or delay of checked baggage are the instances that are covered under your travel insurance. Your travel insurance would also support you in the critical conditions of loss of your travel documents, which is not a phenomenal case. With the increase in the cases of theft and robbery in India, the major loss would be the loss of your documents in such events. So to be safeguarded from all these incidences, a travel insurance is a must.

3. Natural Disaster at Destination
You are all set for your journey and have rechecked your packing list, done all payments for hotel/resort bookings, hired or booked conveyance and are geared up for the travel. You suddenly get to know of a natural disaster that has struck your travel destination and now all your money spent on travel, stay and conveyance bookings seems to have gone in vain, what next? If these conditions arise after you have done travel insurance, then you need not worry. Your travel insurance policy will aid in providing the necessary claims for you, but in case you want to take the risk of moving to India without a travel insurance, the natural disaster at Uttarakhand is an eye opening example for the risk takers.

4. Terrorist Attack or Hijack
Indian travel destinations are always at a high alert of terrorist activities. It is wiser to have a pre availed travel insurance that covers the risk of terrorism or even hijack for that matter. With the advancements of these terrorist activities not only in India but also globally, human life is always at risk. It is therefore a pre requisite for every traveller to ensure the current status of the prevailing terror struck areas and to take all preventive measures before marching out your journey.

Life cannot be lived on chance! Life is precious and all of us are worth it. We have all the right to secure our life with all the financial assistance that supports a peaceful life. So avoid unnecessary risks in your life and make way for a pre availed travel insurance for your travel to India.

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Rohit loves to socialize with people from different origins during his travel. He loves to share his experiences and also gives a lot of worth to the documentation process during his travel and spreads the same through his articles and blog.

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