Guinness Tour

Two Guinness pints for us with a shamrock on the top

Two Guinness pints for us with a shamrock on the top

No visit to Dublin would be complete without visiting Ireland’s number one tourist attraction. A person could easily spend half of a day here and plan on lunch at the restaurant on the fifth floor. During the tour, you learn about how Guinness is made and the various transportation methods used and you can see the advertising through the years. On the fourth floor, you can even try pouring your own pint. If that’s not for you, you can have someone else pour it at Arthur’s Bar, or if you are ready for lunch, enjoy some Guinness specialties at Brewer’s Dining Hall or Gilroy’s Restaurant.  Most people end up at The Gravity Bar on the top level for their pint and a 360 degree view of Dublin. When we were there, it was standing room only. We were all enjoying our pints and the view. If you have a chance to get to Dublin and love Guinness, this is a great tour to fit into your schedule.

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