Dolphin Experiences at AKR

Dolphin closeup

Dolphin closeup

Anthony’s Key Resort in Roatan, Honduras gives guests many opportunities to interact with the dolphins at their resort, they are also offered as cruise ship excursions.

Dolphin Beach Encounter

Dolphin Beach Encounter

The Dolphin Beach Encounter teaches you about their anatomy and behaviors, and the dolphins show you some of their abilities. You can get in the water with them, hold them and you can feel their heart beating, get kisses and pose for pictures. You can bring your own camera, but if you don’t want to worry about getting yours wet, there will be a photographer there to take pictures that you can purchase at  Photo Roatan. I did a few of the beach encounters, as you can probably tell from the photos and different clothes I’m wearing each time. I love dolphins and while at AKR, I was going to get as much time with them as possible!

Dolphin Snorkel / Swim gives you more time to play with the dolphins in the water. They like to pick up the sea grass in their mouths and toss it around. It’s fun to watch them and be able to interact with them. You can’t take your camera with you in the water, but why would you want to take pictures when you can be swimming with the dolphins?

Demontrating techniques

Demonstrating techniques

Dolphin Trainer for a Day lets you work with the trainers, doing hand signals with the dolphins and preparing there food, plus you get more in depth education about dolphins. This was by far the funnest of them all, probably because it was all day and I got more personal time with the dolphins that the rest of the guests didn’t experience. I helped prepare the meals for each dolphin. This involved sorting the fish to make sure they were good enough quality, weighing the fish so each dolphin got the right amount of food, and putting their necessary vitamins in the gills of one fish that went right on the top of the bucket. This way each trainer knows for sure that the dolphins got their pills and the proper weight of food. This is not a job that you want to have a hangover for! I was able to be right next to the trainers while they were feeding their dolphin, what fun. Then I got some one on one time with one of the dolphins. I did some hand signals then praised and rewarded him when he did the proper behavior. I admit, the dolphin had no problem hearing he did a good job, I was squealing like a little girl. After some hand signals, I got into the water and we tried some moves you see at marine aquariums. We did the dorsal fin ride with two dolphins, which was a blast. Then we tried the “foot push”. Each dolphin would push their nose up by the arch of my foot and push me. Now I was supposed to be able to arch my back and keep my body straight to keep it out of the water, but I’m apparently not strong enough to do that while two dolphins are hurling me through the water very fast! I ended up going under the water and the dolphins would speed right past me. I think they were having fun even though the human couldn’t keep up with them.

Dolphin Specialty Course is two days of education and personal interactions with a trainer and dolphins. I didn’t do this two day course since I did the trainer for a day, shark dive, dolphin dive (post will come later), and went to Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge on the mainland. If you love dolphins and don’t mind missing out on some diving or snorkeling, this would be a great course.

Dolphin Dives take you out of the resort to the open ocean to dive with dolphins. On our dive, the dive master took two of the dolphins from AKR out with us, we went down for our dive and watched them swim around the group. No wild dolphins came out while we were there, but it was still a great experience to watch the dolphins in the open ocean.

Dolphin Scuba Camp for Kids – This program allows parents to take advantage of their diving or snorkeling vacation and know their kids are safe having a lot of fun learning about dolphins and snorkeling or diving (depending on age). You can catch up with all of their activities during their lunch break with you.

If you’re looking for dolphins, AKR is the place to be. I loved my experience there and would love to go back every year.

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    1. The Travel Wench

      The dolphins do seem to have a lot of fun with it, I think they are very social and love the interactions. When I was holding the dolphin, I could feel the heartbeat. Very fun experience!


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