Diving in Cozumel

Divers at Paso del Cedral dive site in Cozumel, Mexico

Divers at Paso del Cedral

Cozumel was my first an only dive trip, and it was fantastic. I am still a beginning diver since the time in between my dives is so long and I’ve done just under 30 dives. Pretty weak. When I went to Cozumel, my biggest fear was the regulator coming out of my mouth. During my certification, a regulator was kicked out of someone’s mouth. They responded perfectly, but after that, I was paranoid. My thought was that if that happened to me, I would panic and take a gasp.



I was in great hands on my Cozumel trip. The trip was with the Minnesota School of Diving located in Brainerd (the have a new store in St. Cloud too). There were only a handful of us on each boat and I had all dive masters on mine with hundreds of dives each. We entered the water by rolling off the side of the boat backwards. I had only done shore dives, so this was scary the first time I tried it. I slid farther and farther back until my tank was not resting on the boat anymore…whoa…then I put one hand on my mask and regulator and the other by my chest holding the dive computer and extra regulator and then…….I went off the boat! Oh man did I scream, that was sooooo much fun! After I was done screaming, I started laughing so hard the divers on the other side of the boat could hear me. Yep, I loved that water entrance! I laughed every time I entered the water after that, it was the best!

Turtle getting cleaned

Turtle getting cleaned

I think by the time I was done with that first dive, I was done holding my hand over my regulator. I was comfortable, relaxed and floating through the beautifully filled aquarium called our ocean. Drift diving was so peaceful and effortless. We drop into the ocean, go down do our dive depth, and just float along and see what we pass by. Fighting that current is impossible, I saw a turtle that was getting cleaned and I tried to stay in line with it, that wasn’t happening. First diver out of air (always me!) would let our dive master (Troy) know our air level and he would inflate the orange buoy so the boat captain would know a diver was on the way up. Then I would hang out on the boat and wait for the divers to come up one by one. During one of my ascents, I came up in between a lot of orange little jellyfishes about the size of little miniature Reese Peanut Butter Cups. And while on the surface, I saw a turtle coming up for air.



My first (and yes, only) night dive was quite the experience. I saw my first octopus, huge crabs and a lobster. The octopus changed color as he moved along the ocean floor and over the rocks. We gave him space and just watched for a while. Then me and Troy’s girlfriend were the first out of air, so we ascended together. Funny as shit after the fact, but we were kicking, and moving around the rope as we were watching the other divers, but we weren’t going up! Oh my gosh. Troy came along and gave us some help. Needless to say I may have been a little disoriented and didn’t realize I wasn’t going anywhere. Don’t judge!

Don’t let my boring underwater pictures sway you against a visit to Cozumel! I was using a cheap disposable underwater camera, since I don’t own a real one. It is a fabulous island to visit, underwater and above!

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    1. The Travel Wench Post author

      The resort was great! The staff was very friendly and it was an all inclusive resort. But we did eat in town a few times to give some business to local restaurant owners. They also had a bar at the pool!

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