Choose Norway For Your Charter Holiday To Get An Unforgettable Experience

Guest post by Peter Smith.

Norway is such a beautiful territory for a travel adventure. Located in Northern Europe and bordered by Sweden and the Norwegian Sea, the country has some of the most spectacular sights in the whole world. Home to several breathtaking natural phenomena, Norway is also famous for its fjords and abundant wildlife. Whether this is your first charter holiday or you’ve been here before, one thing’s for sure – you can’t get bored on Norwegian territory. The wealth of activities, the urban cities, the people, and ultimately, their customs and traditions, will leave you speechless.

The Landscapes

Norway offers some of the most dramatic landscapes and sceneries in the world. The steep-sided fjords look as if they were attentively carved and purposefully shaped to wow the watchers. As you dive deeper and deeper into the territory, you’ll stumble upon a land of glorious glaciers, endless ice fields, and mountainous terrains. Norway boasts with secretive natural fortresses, national parks and reserves, so if you’re the adventurous type of traveler hiking and trekking are activities you cannot miss out on.

The Territories

Norway’s territories are vast and diversified. Svalbard Islands, which are positioned really close to the Arctic, is an exquisite place for a winter escapade. Here, the wildlife is abundant, so you might want watch out. It’s not usual for tourists to come across reindeer, polar bears and other creatures that protect this wild archipelago. Now let’s move on to the Norwegian fjords. Norway’s northern territory is better known as Fjord Norway. Here, the Geirangerfjord grabs everyone’s attention with its pristine beauty.

The narrowest fjord in the world is Nærøyfjord, and Hardangerfjord is well-known for its blossoming fruit trees. Here you’ll be admiring Mother Nature’s most spectacular work of art. And since we can’t talk about fjords without mentioning the waterfalls, make sure to check out Bordalsgjelet Gorge, Landedalen and Drivandefossen waterfall which is absolutely stunning.

Fjord Cities

Fjord Norway is traditional. The villages and the farms here are meant for travelers who can put value this country’s culture, customs and traditions. Some of the cities worth checking out are Alesund for its Art Nouveau architecture and Bergen for its 7 mountain peaks and magnificent natural surroundings.

The Urban Cities

Norway’s main urban cities are Oslo – the capital, Tromso, and Kirkenes. Wonderfully chilled out but painfully priced, Oslo is surrounded by beautiful architecture, museums & galleries, recreational parks, and wild nightlife. In winter time, you can admire the Northern Lights if you’re the outdoor type, and throughout the warm season, feel free to explore the wealth of attractions, including the museums and the swimming areas.

Tromso is a party town. Packed with pubs, coffee houses and live concerts, Tromso’s liveliness is contagious. The locals are welcoming and the snow-peaked mountains that surround the city offer the most alluring scenery. Positioned only 400 km away from the Arctic Circle, Tromso is an ideal spot to catch the Aurora Borealis in winter. The natural phenomenon is an once-in-a-lifetime adventure, so make sure to include a trip up-north on your travel itinerary.


The Activities

Skiing, hiking, and trekking are ideal activities you can try out while in Norway. If you’re not afraid of a little trip, explore the country’s highest peak, Galdhøpiggen. In winter, alpine skiing and cross country are favorite activities, and the best regions to enjoy them are Hemsedal, Trysil, and Hafjell. Romantic tourists who want to relax should try out boat cruising. This activity is a great way of admiring the Norwegin landscapes, the waterfalls, the fjords, and the abundant vegetation.

Home to natural phenomena such as the midnight sun and the aurora borealis, Norway is a travel spot everyone should see at least once in their lives. Rugged, wild, and adventurous but alluring and mysterious, the country’s territories are incredibly diverse. There’s something for everyone here. The urban cities are excellent for those who want to party, enjoy fine dining and check out the museums and galleries; on the other hand, we have the wilderness and the fjords which will exceed all your expectations.

Book a charter holiday to Norway and you won’t regret the choice made. Explore Europe’s most enticing countries and uncover its deepest and most secretive mysteries.

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