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Why You Shouldn’t Travel To India Without Travel Insurance.

Guest Post by Rohit Agarwal.

‘Insurance’ the word means Promise of reimbursement in case of loss. So when we have the risk management tool available for us; before and during our travel, why should one risk one’s life? While at home and within our own habitat, we secure our domestic stay with medical insurances, life insurances, property insurances and what not? Then how can we take a chance when we are out of our native surroundings, in foreign places, amongst the unknowns? Life is unpredictable and so is travel. There are many justifications for travelling with an insurance, but there is only one excuse for not availing it: ‘I love to put my loved ones and self at risk’. For every sound individual, risking life would be folly and so the following justifications give you substantial grounds for travelling to India with a valid Travel Insurance:
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Top 5 Places To Visit In Turkey

Guest post by Pam at flipptravel.

The Modern Republic of Turkey is located at the region which is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the world and is known for its ancient history and historical and cultural heritage. Being Hellenized under the ancient Greek Kingdom of Alexander the great and the Byzantine Empire which was succeeded by the magnificent Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a major world power. It was under the reign of the Ottoman Empire did the history and the distinctive culture of Turkey saw its rise in the 16th and the 17th centuries. The tourist attractions largely consist of ancient and historical monuments and architecture and the coastal regions and ranks as the 6th best tourist destinations in the world. Here’s a list of the 5 must-visit places in Turkey

1. Cappadocia Underground Cities

Cappadocia Cappadocia – Image Credit @ Moyan Brenn Photography
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Dubai: Stay With Pride and Luxury

Guest post by Shezaa Nehal.

Cruising Activities
Image Source: Shezaa Nehal

A bundle of joys and happiness are quite sure things that Dubai has for you. One can get an excellent living as well as a trip in the city. A unique combination of the historical and the modern, the traditional history and the new-age, Dubai is one of the most stimulating locations for both enjoyment and business, offering the visitors a variety of world-class options for housing, enjoyment, cuisine, and purchasing. Metal and rock, sun and fine sand, Dubai is a unique city and an excellent location for vacations. It has something for everyone, and provides a several trip encounters. One can choose from many types of packages available to Dubai trips, from all out purchasing to a magnificent honeymoon vacation encounter. Tour or vacations in Dubai are priced in a wonderful manner and easily obtainable. Continue reading

Paris, the city of wine: 10 Districts, 10 bars à vins

Guest post by Marta Lopez Garcia.

Have you ever thought about what’s behind what they call “La vie en rose”? The City of Light is made of glorious stories behind a glass of wine. Romantic and sophisticated, the French capital offers hundreds of wine bars across its 20 districts. From the friendly Amelie Montmartre to the chic Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the city knows how to engage travellers thanks to its charming and local wine bars (sometimes half bar, half restaurant) where it will be easy to lose track of time. Because I love this city and happiness, this is my personal guide to the first 10 Parisian arrondissements — I left the selection for the other 10 districts in case anyone wants to discover them by themselves.



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5 Must-Visit Wine Destinations In India

Guest Post By Rohit Agarwal.

Wine culture or Viticulture in India dates back to the 4th millennium BC where the Persian traders introduced the grape wine to the region. The various religious texts also mention a type of rice wine known as Sura which was fermented with honey. The political Advisor of the Maurya Empire in India, Chanakya also mentions grape wine in his writings dating back to the 4th century BC. Wine was a privileged drink only the nobility could afford and the lower classes drank alcoholic beverages derived from wheat, maize and barley. The Portuguese colonization of Goa in India saw the introduction of Port-Style wine and the production soon spread to the other areas. The British rule further strengthened the wine culture and encouraged the cultivation of vineyards. The 1980’s saw the introduction of French Style wine. Today India is a home to many of the premium wine destinations and estate vineyards. Let’s discuss in brief about the top 5 wine destinations that you must visit in India. Wine Destination Image Credits @ Darius
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Spending The Day On A Boat?

Guest post by Shruti Vaghe.

Spending The Day On A Boat? Here Are Some Vital Tips To Make Sure You Enjoy The Experience

Being out on a boat can be a fantastic experience. You’ll be drifting freely, enjoying the view, and generally getting to experience the surroundings in a completely new way that’s at once relaxing and adventurous. You might get to enjoy some food and drink on the boat, and you may get to have a swim too. Continue reading

Exploring Iceland’s Golden Circle

Guest Post by Miranda at Spend Your Days

Iceland has rightfully garnered attention from visitors wanting to get a glimpse of its otherworldly landscape.  When “otherworldly” is just a hop, skip, & a jump away from both Europe and North America, well… you go!

With a four-day holiday weekend fast approaching, I played my own version of Spin the (Travel) Bottle, and cheap airfares determined that I would be getting cozy with Iceland.

The most popular way to experience the beauty of Iceland is via road trip- most notably by way of the Ring Road that encircles the country.  Because my long weekend visit didn’t allow for a complete Tour de Iceland, I chose to focus on the southern part of the country.

Happily, there’s a mini “highlights of Iceland” circuit for visitors who, similarly, do not have a week to languish in far-off lands.  Iceland’s Golden Circle is perfectly made for stunning natural scenery jam-packed into an extended weekend.

Stop #1: A Day in Reykjavik

Nearly all Iceland expeditions begin and end in Reykjavik.  As the most compact European capital, I was still surprised to find that Reykjavik is “do-able” even in a single day!  Especially during the months of June through August, when the famous Midnight Sun lights the sky till the wee hours of the morning.  Speaking of which- remember to bring a sleeping mask if you’re a light sleeper.  It’s decidedly odd trying to fall asleep at 11pm… in broad daylight.

Pay a visit to the iconic Hallgrimskirkja Church, stroll the shopping streets of Laugavegur, munch on a kleina pastry at a café in Austurvollur square.  Reykjavik is a fun and satisfying city to just be, without feeling the need to check a bunch of touristy schtuff off your list.

Prir Frakkar Restaurant, Iceland

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Herculean Travel Guide

Guest Post by Will at The Luxe Travel.

Lassithi Plateau

Lassithi Plateau

The Mythological Gods of Greece are in my opinion one of the most intriguing pieces of history this world has ever seen. They capture the imagination of people of all ages and for many era’s they have been idolized, from the famous State of Zeus sculpture by Phidias to the motion picture Wrath of the Titans by John Leibesman. Continue reading

The Best of Oahu

Guest post by Jessica at Turquoise Compass

The Accommodation - Polynesian Hostel Beach Club

The Accommodation

Arriving in Hawaii was a dream come true! Although it took great effort to get there, the trip was worth it. Every day I was amazed by what I saw on the island of Oahu. I stayed at the Polynesian Hostel Beach Club in Waikiki which was conveniently located a couple blocks from the beach. The rooms are secured with key cards. Each bed has its own locker to use with your own personal lock. The dorms itself are basic, but clean. The hostel offers free breakfast of granola bars, oatmeal, and bananas. Basic enough, but a nice addition. Free is free in my books! Continue reading

Unique Travel Opportunities Await in Bulgaria

Guest post by Sher BonDurant.

Canoodling with nature and animals at Wild Thyme

Photograph by Evelien Bogaart at
Canoodling with nature and animals at Wild Thyme

I’m obsessed with Europe and explore new countries in this fascinating continent every year. Even though I knew nothing about Bulgaria, I considered traveling there this past spring. Continue reading