Cara a Cara – Honduras Shark Dive

Shark Dive, Caribbean Reef Shark, Anthony's Key Resort

Caribbean Reef Shark

Cara a Cara, or face to face, is the name of the dive site where we encountered the Caribbean Reef Sharks. The shark dive is one of the extra dives we added to our adventure at Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) in Roatan, and well worth it. The site is located around the other side of the island from AKR, so it was a short boat ride to get there.

Shark Dive, Caribbean Reef Shark, Anthony's Key Resort

Caribbean Reef Sharks and Jacks

Once we arrived at the dive site, we followed the mooring line down to the bottom which was at 71′. All of us lined up in row on our knees by a small rock wall area of the reef. Our dive master, Maurilio, kept the sharks interested and swimming around our area with a bucket of fish for a snack. This is an area of the reef that the sharks already populate, so we weren’t chumming the water to attract them to an unfamiliar area. We watched them swim around and eat their snacks, along with a lot of Jacks and Groupers. A lot of the divers in our group were taking pictures, but not me. I just watched in awe, amazed that I was so close to such wonderful creatures. Since we were tucked in by this little rock wall, the sharks would actually swim right over us, what fun! So glad I could cross this one off my bucket list (only to put it right back on again).

After our time at the bottom, we followed the line back up, and did our safety stops. This was fun to just float and watch all of the activity still happening below. Shark diving is controversial; some feel that the sharks are associating food with humans and will endanger humans, or that removing the fish to use for food harms the ecosystem. I would rather support diving with sharks as an ecotourism activity than something that will threaten their existence. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the sharks in their environment and would love to do it again!

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  1. Kathi

    Wow! It must have been so exciting to be that close to the sharks. Was your back against the wall to protect you or for best viewing? You have an amazing bucket list!

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