Bangkok: Famous Tourist Destination on Thailand!

Guest post by Marc Plumlee.

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Every once in a while you need a break from work, family, obligations and problems that you face day by day and can’t seem to get away from, no matter how hard you try. Among the most popular ways of regaining peace, besides staying at home, dedicating yourself to a hobby, spending quality time with friends and family, etc, is travelling and some of the frequently visited destinations are those that are far from your country and culture. Only in these can you completely forget about your problems and worries and truly relax. Being exotic, popular and vivid, Thailand gained much popularity over the past years, so, if you plan to visit this country, here are some guidelines about it.

The Country

As one of the most frequently visited destinations in Southeast Asia, Thailand has been witnessing a rise in tourism since the mid-20th century, and these numbers seem to increase constantly. The reason for this popularity lies in the fact that tourists find it attractive not only due to it’s exotic islands and sandy beaches that offer all kinds of water sports and activities, but also because here they can find more pleasurable interests than anywhere else in the world.

This is why Thailand had an average of about 25 million arrivals in 2013 and 2014, not only from neighboring and close countries like China, Malaysia and Japan, but also from across the globe, i.e. England, Germany and the USA. Also, what tourists from these countries find interesting are the customs and attractions specific for this region and exotic to their own Western background.

The Capital

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Most visitors of Bangkok don’t actually know that this city has been named the most visited one during 2013 and also one of those that most frequently feature on social media and pictures that tourists post online. With a unique combination of Thai tradition and modern, urbanized environment, this city attracts all demographic groups and lures both the young and the old from all meridians. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to spend time at night clubs, temples, markets, tourist attractions or monuments, because there is something for everyone here – hence, those who decide to come back and live in Bangkok are certainly not rare.

The Attractions

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Bangkok’s fifty districts contain a big number of exotic and unordinary places that tourists find interesting and appealing, such as Buddhist palaces and temples that are only found there. Among those are still active temples such as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun, Wat Traimit and Wat Mahatat, each with its unique combination of wealth and serenity. Furthermore, there are several peaceful public parks and gardens (Lumphini Park or Santichaiprakarn Park) that offer both the enjoyment in nature, as well as spiritual cleansing. For those who prefer fine art, a number of museums and galleries contain famous collections of Thai art (the National Gallery, the National Museum and the Museum of Siam, to name a few), while some former residences of famous people, like the one of a CIA operative Jim Thompson, have been transformed into museums. Finally, for those who like adventure and excitement, there are the Ocean World and the Snake Farm, numerous entertainment options and sports events, from bowling to horse races, and everything in between.

The Choices

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With so many options available for all kinds of tourists, you can rarely go wrong with whatever you choose. However, a smart tactic might be creating an itinerary before coming to Bangkok and planning what to visit on each day, thus making the most of your stay in this great city.

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Marc is passionate about everything travel, and has so far checked 20 countries off his bucket list, which is however constantly evolving. His dream is to visit every country in Europe (as a start), and is working towards his goal. He makes sure to check out the local basketball courts in whatever country he is visiting, and you can often find him playing a game of chess as well. He also makes it a point to research local authors, and try to find a translated piece of their work when he gets home.

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