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Guest post by Oscar Waterworth.

When talking about wine, most people will first think about France or Italy, however, what most people tend to forget is that Australian wines are of no worse quality. Australia is a land with centuries old wine making tradition which makes their wine enhanced by a powerful and irreplaceable crossover between experience and perfect natural conditions. In other words, Australian wines are second to none.

Since this country is also one of the largest and vastest in the world, it is only natural that there are several Australian regions which excel in this ages old tradition. Because they are so distant from each other, each has a wine of its own unique and specific taste related closely to that locality. Here are five of the most lucrative wine regions in whole of Australia that you simply must visit.

Barossa, South Australia
Just a several hours ride from Adelaide, this region is not only renowned for its amazing wines but also for its rich and tasty cuisine. Enjoy these incredible courses in some of the best restaurants in Barossa. Because of this, one could safely say that a visit to Barossa would certainly turn out to be a tasty one. For those interested more in the culture of the place, you can always pay a visit to the traditional wine cellars, built in the early 1900s and have a peek on how the things were done in that simpler time.

Another thing which puts Barossa head and shoulders above many other regions in the world is the unprecedented number of vintages that are here in offer. Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, light Merlot and even spicy Grenache are just some of the wines that are in offer in this almost dreamlike wine paradise.

Now for those who are fascinated by nature and simply can’t get enough of it, there is nothing better than a visit to Australia’s largest island Tasmania. This beautiful and vivacious wildlife that one encounters in Tasmania is perhaps something that is unique on the entire globe since many Tasmanian forests are amongst ones that are unhampered with, yet with civilization lays in close proximity.
Tasmania’s wines are however no less impressive than are its landscapes. When it comes to wine making awards there can be hardly found a region in the world which has them more than Tasmania. The cool-climate of Tasmania helped craft one of the tastiest, most enchanting Australian wines ever, Pinot Grigio, which with its fruit-driven flavor stands second to none not just in Australia but perhaps in the entire world.

Hunter Valley
Speaking about wine making experience, Hunter Valley is second to none. Although Hunter Valley is not a place you hear of in an everyday conversation it is a place of many superlatives when wine is in question. For example, it is a home of some of Australia’s oldest vineyards, stemming from the earliest 19th century, and it is renowned for Australia’s most planted wine Shiraz. Apart from Shiraz, in Hunter Valley, one can also taste incredible fruit-flavored Cabernet Sauvignon.

Yarra Valley
The best things about Yarra Valley are that its cold climate and curious location make it a perfect place for growing grapes. Nothing testifies about the truthfulness of this statement more than incredible multitude of vineyards scattered all across this Australian region. The trademark wines of Yarra Valley are Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir or The Underhill Shiraz which should take a high place on your personal list of Australian wines that you simply must try.

Margaret River
The proximity of this region to the ocean has a favorable outcome on its soil constitution and the amount of sunlight that it receives creates unique and unprecedented conditions for wine making. Although Margaret River has a number of traditional Australian wines in its offer one who visits it should not miss out on the opportunity to taste its highly aromatic and easy-drinking Amberley Cabernet Merlot, renowned for winning a Trophy for Best Claret Style.
For those who envision a good time as a wine tour, Australia certainly is a promised land, no question about that. By embarking on this incredible wine tasting adventure you are bound to gain the experience of your lifetime as well as memories that you will certainly never forget. The decision to go on an Australian wine tour will most definitely be one that you will never regret.

4 thoughts on “Australian Wine Tour

  1. Kate

    In another world, I would have had too much wine when I visited Tasmania, I wouldn’t be able to remember the trip 😀 But no, it’s a gorgeous quality wine/delicious food/wonderful hosts deal down there, I’d recommend it to everybody 🙂

    1. The Travel Wench Post author

      Hi Kate,
      I could see how it would be easy to over indulge, especially with great food and wine. I have plans to go to Australia in a couple of years, but there is so much to see, I could spend a year there!

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