A Promise to Myself…

Snowfall in two days

Snowfall in two days

I’m not very good at following through with much of anything. New Year’s resolutions, taking vitamins, dieting, exercising, finishing scrapbooking projects, etc. I’m a slug that can’t follow through, you can get the idea! I’ve reached a point in my life where things really do need to change.

I’ve tried to keep this blog about fun travel articles, because that is where my passion is. But after a year and a half of blogging, it’s time this blog get personal! It’s my blog and I can do what I want!  🙂  I started this blog to document my travels, since my memory is horrible, and share travel destinations with readers. I’m not a backpacker, I can’t imagine not having a home base. Well, actually I could, but because I have a nice home, I don’t want to give that up. I was a flight attendant for a very brief 3 1/2 years, and I was quite comfortable living out of that suitcase. I loved being in a different city every night and having the flexibility to bid for my own schedule, plan my own time off and not have to ask permission to go on vacation! I also enjoyed the disconnect from the “to do list” feeling. When I was in a hotel, I was on my own time and didn’t have to finish this or that (which you found out earlier I’m not good at anyways)! So it was nice to relieve that pressure. And if I had a rough or long day, crabby passengers, delays, etc., I would just snuggle in and order room service! Love that. Full control of the TV remote and dinner on the bed right in front of said TV. Double love!

I’m also not a budget or luxury traveler to provide that niche of travel in all of my articles. I’m a little of both. Budget here or there and then splurge when you want or need it. Exhausted and need a massage? Sure, we skipped this or that, so why not? Can’t find a hotel and are completely beat? Why not just pick a nice hotel on the river that costs three times what you would normally pay and then have a nice meal with a few drinks while using Wi-Fi at the restaurant with a river view? Check. I’ve done that! I don’t have the financial resources to be a luxury traveler every day. When I win that lottery, I’m there. Roughing it and skipping a shower a few days in a row, taking a bus with loads of people (who probably also need a shower as I discovered working as a flight attendant), carrying my huge backpack with me everywhere or sleeping in a place where I might not feel so safe? Not for me. I usually like getting a rental car for the freedom and you can put your bags in the trunk so you don’t have to carry them everywhere!

I write my blog articles about places I love, places that I would move to given the opportunity, places full of history or beautiful oceans with fiery sunsets. If I’m passionate about a destination, I will write about it and probably have a lot of pictures to go along with it. I know I haven’t been to everywhere in the world, but hopefully people enjoy reading about the places I have been to so far.

So getting back to my blog title, A Promise to Myself. As you can see from the top picture, we have received some snow in the past two days. A lot of it. And I got stuck in the snow on the road turning off to my house, then again on the road in front of my house and again on the driveway. Needless to say I had a few meltdowns. Those are my emotional, two year old tantrum style, screaming to myself alone in my car hysterical release sessions. I admit, they are not pretty, but good thing my car doesn’t care.

My promise to myself alone in my car was that I will not be doing another winter in Minnesota. I’m not sure how this will get done, but I don’t think I can really handle all of this snow and drama anymore. This is only the beginning of the season. And what if it lasts as long as last winter, which was still going strong into MAY!?! My husband, my dear sweet rescuer from tonight, is also tired of all the snow. What to do when we aren’t old enough to retire? The lottery hasn’t provided any relief, and we have full time jobs with health benefits. Blogging full time would be the ideal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally grateful for where I am today, but as most women, I want more!

I envy those travel bloggers that are single, not tied down by a home, pets (wouldn’t give them up for anything!) or other obligations, so they are able to pick it all up and take off. Plus a lot of them are younger and probably don’t need to worry about health insurance. So hopefully you aren’t reading this post and thinking that I am such a whiner and why don’t I do something about it? Well, that’s my plan. And other than days like today, I am usually handling it well. The picture below is my dog enjoying the view before the snowstorm.

That’s it for now, sorry for ranting, but thanks for reading!

Jasper enjoying the view

Jasper enjoying the view


5 thoughts on “A Promise to Myself…

  1. Kathi

    You are a wonderful writer. You express your feelings, your emotions, so clearly. I think travel blogs are great, but after a while, you would like to know something about the blogger. Great job!

  2. Carmen Edelson

    Great post! I can totally relate to some of the things you mentioned. As much as I would love to be traveling all over the world, I have kids that are still in school, dogs that need to be attended too. Right now our travels are mostly around the kids vacation schedule. Time is always the factor. I hope you get a break from the snow.

    1. The Travel Wench

      Thanks for visiting Carmen, glad we got connected on Twitter! I was having a rough day, but I’ve been saying it’s my last year for many years…not financially feasible. I fit my traveling in when I can too. And I love the home life, especially snuggling with my very special and sensitive American Bulldog (maybe Pitbull mix). I hope to get a small break in January, but for now, the snow has stopped, roads are still bad, and tonight it will be 20 below! At least I’m not stuck in the snow. 🙂

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