A Guide To Mixing Travel And Health

Guest post by Oscar Waterworth.

Regular “day on the beach, night in the club” holidays became too boring and predictable. People now want something more fun and relaxing. Holiday should be a time for recovering from work-related stress, and not the trip from which you’ll come back with hangover- related headaches. There are plenty of health benefits that come with active holidays, and plenty of possible hazards that are lurking behind overcrowded tourist destinations. That’s why more people now choose relaxing spa or exciting active holiday trips instead of boring combinations of sunbathing and intoxication. In this article we are going to list some of the most health- beneficial holiday options.

Organic Farm

This is one of the most relaxing holidays you can imagine. More people decide to spend their holidays on an organic farm every year and you can choose between luxurious mini-guest houses to free lodging that you can find through WWOF service. Farm work is the best way to forget corporate job hardships. Healthy organic food and long walks around non- polluted country side will take all the stress out and give you enough energy to cope with all the difficulties of your every-day life.

Health Resorts

These kind of holidays are becoming popular again. There are many different kinds of health resorts. They range from ordinary spas to luxury guesthouses or camps that provide spa treatments. Yoga and meditation resorts have also become increasingly popular in the last few years. A lot of places now offer a combination of spa and yoga holidays and are located on some of the most beautiful places on Earth, including isolated islands and national park grounds.

Long Cycling Trips

This is one of the best and the least expensive ways to travel. Unlike trains and airplanes, cycling gives you the opportunity to stop anywhere you like. Most of the roads in Western world are well marked for cyclist, and in bigger cities you will find plenty of cycling paths. Lodging can be organized in roadside guest houses, organized camping grounds, or you don’t need to organize it at all, just bring your tent and sleep wherever you like. Cycling gives you that kind of freedom you always dreamed of, and after few weeks you will come home with long awaited energy boost and a tight booty.

Nature Trails

A combination of hiking and camping is a great way to spend a healthy and exciting holiday. Wandering around the woods is one of the most relaxing experiences, and campfires under the stars are as romantic as possible. For this kind of holiday you need to buy camping equipment first, which includes a tent, a sleeping bag, a mattress and a backpack. This is going to be the only cost of the whole trip and if plain hiking sounds too boring, you can also add some more adventure to it and do some mountaineering or rafting as well.

Bottom Line

These are some of the healthiest ways to spend your holidays and they provide the perfect blend of travel and health. After your first holiday hike, spa treatment or long cycle trip, you will definitely give up your old holiday habits.


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