A Broken Promise To Myself – With Hope For The Future!

Well, like I posted last winter in “A Promise to Myself”, I was quite ready to move out of Minnesota and become a snowbird, which just wasn’t realistic right at this point. As the title of this post shows…that didn’t happen! The snow last year was such an issue, my tiny little Chevrolet Aveo got stuck about 5 times. I know it’s not the most realistic car to own in Minnesota, but when we pay for plowing, I should be able to get out to the highway. So, this fall, with the fear and dread of getting stuck again this year, I bought a new vehicle. Did I really need it? No, but it was a nice treat, and now I can get through even if the plow guy doesn’t make it.

Me with my 2013 Kia Sportage

So with Murphy’s Law being so reliable, we didn’t get much snow this winter. Go figure. Instead, we got very cold weather. Oh and what happens when you don’t have enough snow cover and you have extremely cold temperatures? That’s right, your sewer pipes freeze! So one dark and cold night in the middle of winter, when our iron filter re-generated at 1:30 AM, it started a shit storm in our bathroom, literally. My husband woke me up and said “We have a problem”. I’ll say! Our toilet turned into Old Faithful Geyser, the bathtub was full of red water and there was an inch of water on the bathroom floor. OK, I’m awake!

That was a wonderful project to work on in the middle of the night. We took buckets of water outside to get rid of the water, turned off the iron filter, because yes, as my husband was downstairs dealing with water dripping through the floor, it kicked in again and I watched the water spewing out of the toilet. More than I can take! He put it on “vacation”, which is where I needed to be at this point. We spent an hour taking buckets of water outside and mopping up water in the basement and the bathroom. We called a company to pump out the tank, and he never responded. Flooded with calls, ha ha. So my husband called someone else who pumped out our tank. But there was still a problem. The pipe froze between the house and the tank because the cement foundation wall was wet, not a good thing and we can’t afford fixing that down the road. Everyone was pretty busy, but I think after a few phone calls, I have someone finally coming back tomorrow. I’m guessing how much it will cost, which isn’t pretty but needs to get taken care of and better than the alternative of fixing a foundation wall down the road.

It hasn’t been a horrible winter, we have enjoyed the sunshine, lack of snow and many weeks at -25 degrees. I got good use of my parka and scarves! Our dog loves walking out onto the lake with my husband, so they got to enjoy that every afternoon.

Jasper enjoying winter on a lake

To compensate for my fun winters, I’m going take some nicer trips this year. Coming up very soon, I’m heading to Paris for my FIRST international solo trip! I’m very excited to be on my own for the first time. I walk slow, so I can go at my own pace and see whatever I want to. To celebrate and splurge a little bit, I booked two nights at the Pullman Eiffel Tower. I hope the weather cooperates!

After Paris I’m heading to London, then I will be doing The Secret Cottage Tour, meeting up with my aunts and we will tour London and visit Stonehenge. There is a lot to see and great food to enjoy along the way.

My husband and I will be visiting the big island of Hawaii where we will fish, tour Volcanoes National Park, snorkel and enjoy the island.

This summer I am planning a few road trips closer to home. Weekend trips to unwind a little. Maybe a coupl of family visits and then in the fall, it will be trip back to Europe. A few castles in Germany, Prague, Budapest and Vienna. That should keep me busy for a while.

Does anyone have any reccommendations for places to visit in those cities?

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