5 Must-Visit Wine Destinations In India

Guest Post By Rohit Agarwal.

Wine culture or Viticulture in India dates back to the 4th millennium BC where the Persian traders introduced the grape wine to the region. The various religious texts also mention a type of rice wine known as Sura which was fermented with honey. The political Advisor of the Maurya Empire in India, Chanakya also mentions grape wine in his writings dating back to the 4th century BC. Wine was a privileged drink only the nobility could afford and the lower classes drank alcoholic beverages derived from wheat, maize and barley. The Portuguese colonization of Goa in India saw the introduction of Port-Style wine and the production soon spread to the other areas. The British rule further strengthened the wine culture and encouraged the cultivation of vineyards. The 1980’s saw the introduction of French Style wine. Today India is a home to many of the premium wine destinations and estate vineyards. Let’s discuss in brief about the top 5 wine destinations that you must visit in India. Wine Destination Image Credits @ Darius

1. Chateau Indage Located near Pune, Maharashtra, the vineyard was established in 1982 and spans in an area of 2000 acres with 2 more branches in Nashik and Himachal Pradesh in India. The vineyard is famous for its Chantilli wines and chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. The well stocked bar is great and they offer tasting sessions for a really cheap price. The wine shop facilitates the purchase of the wine you like and winery tours are also available. The nearby restaurant is worth the visit and offers some fine recipes that go along with the wine.

2. Sula Vineyards The most well known of all Indian vineyards, Sula vineyards are an entire resort that offers a wine tasting experience like no other. In 2012 Sula also received the silver medal as the biggest wine maker in India. Located in Nashik, Maharashtra the vineyard spans across 35 acres of land and despite of its comparatively small property is the largest producer of wine in India. The wine making tours are amazing and for a relatively cheap price. The café in the resort is a great place to visit as well.

3. Chateau d’Ori Another premium winery located near Nashik-Maharashtra. Although this is a relatively newer vineyard it has already received various awards for its premium wines. The winery incorporates the latest concepts in wine making straight from Bordeaux, France and has a huge state of the art winery. They also have a bottling and labeling plant that produces 3000 bottles an hour. The wines produced here are few of the most top quality wines produced in India and a tour of the facility will back this fact up for you.

4. ND Wines A premium wine brand, ND wines is located near Nashik, Maharashtra. The best part about these estate vineyards are their picturesque location near a lake and 700 acres of vineyards. The famous wine brands produced here are Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc etc. only a few special wines are sold under the ND wines brand though; however the rest of the produce goes to Sula Wines, the largest producer of wines in India.

5. Grover Vineyards The wine brand is a family owned business from the past 20 years and is located near Bangalore, Karnataka. The vineyards produce was exported to different parts of the world since a long time and now the same is available for the very people in India. Michael Rolland is one of the wine consultants and keeps a keen check on the quality of the produce here. The various red, white and rose wines produced here are considered to be of the best quality in India and the vineyard tour and wine tasting session is a must.

While many other notable vineyards are spread across the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, the 5 mentioned vineyards are considered to be the best of wine culture experience in India.

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    India’s best wineries are on these five destinations. Going to each one destination will give you the satisfaction of being a wine taster. Each of wine destination has its own unique of wines that being held for a very long time. Tasting those wines would be very lucky for a wine taster.


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