Medora, North Dakota

Medora Musical

I took a little road trip this fall to Medora, North Dakota to see the Medora Musical, also known as the “Greatest Show in the West”. The musical is performed nightly through the summer months in the Burning Hills Amphitheatre in the heart of the North Dakota Badlands. The Burning Hills Singers are very talented and combine singing, dancing and entertaining with a history of Medora and the role Theodore Roosevelt played. The set is very elaborate and moves during the performance, they also have the Coal Diggers band with an energetic fiddle player, Amberly Rosen. Horses are in part of the skits, and I’ve heard elk as well, but probably in the earlier months when it is light enough to see them behind the stage. They have two gift stores and sell blankets and sweatshirts in case it gets colder than expected, we were cold and came prepared, but still could’ve used more layers.  Every year the show changes and auditions are held in Minneapolis and Fargo/Moorhead. Twenty performers are chosen from about 2,500 applicants and based on the show, the producers have done a good job with their selections.

Me with the world’s largest buffalo

Before going to Medora, we stopped off in Jamestown to see the largest buffalo in the world, Dakota Thunder. An absolute must stop for lunch at the Big Boy in Bismarck for pizza burgers flying style! Salem Sue, the largest cow in the world was just waiting for us to visit her. Theodore Roosevelt National Park was beautiful and we would’ve loved to spend more time there, hiking the trails and looking for wildlife. That just gives us an excuse to go back again. There was a buffalo in the parking area of the visitors center which I took pictures of but I kept my distance.

Petrified headstones at Medora Cemetery

Medora is a beautiful little town and I would love to go back. We walked through the Medora Cemetery and looked at the headstones. Some of them were made out of petrified wood, and it looked like one man was buried with his horse. That’s love. 🙂  We spent the night at The Bunkhouse, which was off the main street only a couple of blocks. In the morning we drove through town and had breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe. If you are in North Dakota, the Medora Musical and Theodore Roosevelt National Park are worth the visit!

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      Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, that buffalo is huge, so it’s fun to have the size comparison there. Your blog looks fantastic, I’m looking forward to spending more time reading it.


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